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Welcome to Cox Homelife Care

Homelife Care is a professionally monitored medical alert system designed to immediately provide help in the event of an emergency.

Keep seniors independent and connected with loved ones 24/7

The Homelife Care wearable pendant connects to a mobile app, providing peace of mind to seniors and caregivers with alerts and notifications, in an emergency situation.

Watch the video to see how it works:

Cox Homelife Care logo

Cox Homelife Care is $34.99/month and provides 24/7 professional medical alert monitoring and a mobile app for family members or caregivers. The monitored base equipment includes the system Hub and fall-detection pendant.*

All of our monitored devices also connect to the mobile app that will automatically notify family members in the event their loved one has an emergency.



*There is a one-time charge of $50, which can be spread across 4 months for payment. Additional devices can be purchased separately.

Homelife Care product bundle featuring the hub, the pendant, the mobile phone app and a limited time offer banner

Call us today at (800) 556-7709 for more information

Homelife Care Equipments & Features

Homelife Care product fall detection pendant with cord

Fall Detection Pendant

  • The automatic fall detection pendant detects if the wearer has fallen, and will automatically trigger a call for emergency help

  • Lightweight, waterproof design is good for daily wear

  • Additional pendants can be ordered and are priced separately
Homelife Care product Hub

The Hub

  • Functions with cellular signal (included) - no phone line or Internet connection required

  • In case of power loss, the hub will operate on battery backup for up to 24 hours

  • Provides two-way communication between seniors and care professionals
Homelife Care product voice enabled device

Voice Enabled Device

  • The Voice-activated assistance device allows seniors to make hands-free calls in emergency situations

  • It connects directly with our personal care professionals

  • Sold separately from the Homelife Care base equipment
Mobile phone with Cox Homelife Care logo on screen referencing the Homelife Care product Family App

Family App

  • A mobile app that sends real-time notifications to family or caregivers whenever the alert system is triggered

  • The app can be programmed to send medication reminders and more

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones

How does Homelife Care work?

Staying independent is important, but living alone can become unsafe with age or health circumstances. Being prepared can help keep seniors in their homes longer.

Cox Homelife Care professionally monitors connected devices in the home and provides immediate response if something goes wrong. Plus, it notifies family or caregiver with a mobile app.

How does Cox Homelife Care work diagram featuring the pendant, the hub, the family app, the voice enabled device and a represenative on the phone inside bubbles with a home diagram in the background.

The Automatic Fall Detection Pendant

It has a built-in panic button, but the pendant can recognize if the wearer has fallen and will automatically alert for help if the wearer is unable to press the button.

Voice Enabled Device**

During an emergency, the voice-enabled device, or VED, allows seniors to call for assistance simply by using their voice. A trained professional will address the senior personally and coordinate getting the help needed.

**this an optional device and not part of the Cox Homelife Care base kit.

The Hub

The Hub connects directly to trained personal care professionals who talk to the senior and coordinate getting the help needed. With its own built-in cellular technology, it doesn't require a phone line or Internet connection. In case of power loss, it has a 24-hour battery backup.

Family App

The Homelife Care family mobile app allows important alerts like sending medication reminders and receiving system information like battery life.

During an emergency, the Homelife Care family app will alert users that an emergency signal has been detected and will continue showing updates on the status of the emergency.

White icon of two silhouettes with chat bubbles over their head

Tips for talking with a senior loved one about a medical alert system. Learn how to have "the talk."

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We are BASED IN THE USA and so are our support and professional care representatives.

Homelife Care FAQs

The Homelife Care Personal Emergency Response System base kit includes a Hub and an Automatic Fall Detection Pendant. The Hub allows you to call for assistance any time you need help by pressing the emergency call button.

  • The Automatic Fall Detection Pendant is a device that automatically detects falls. You can also press the emergency button on the Automatic Fall Detection Pendant for help.

  • You have the option to purchase additional accessories to include a Voice Enabled Device. You can call for assistance using the emergency button, or the Voice Enabled Device will detect your panicked voice when using the emergency call phrase.

  • The Homelife Care Family app is included with each subscription, and is provided to the subscriber's caregiver.

The Hub is a cellular device which directly calls the Emergency Monitoring Call Center when activated during an emergency event. The Hub connects to the peripheral devices, Automatic Fall Detection Pendant and Voice Enabled Device, using RF. Central location of the home convenient for resident to access (speakerphone can be heard throughout the home).

If there is a loss of power, the Homelife Care Hub will operate on battery backup for up to 24 hours.

The battery life of each device is as follows:

  • Hub– 24 hours of emergency power (Has rechargeable battery; therefore, no defined battery life). If the battery life diminishes, a low- battery reading signal will be sent to our team. A technician will be dispatched to replace the battery.

  • Automatic Fall Detection Pendant – 2 years

  • Voice Enabled Device – 2 years

NOTE: You can see battery information through the Homelife Care Family App.

The Automatic Fall Detection Pendant connects to the Hub up to 1,200 feet away in ideal conditions. Thick concrete and steel walls may limit coverage.

If there is a loss of power, the Hub will operate on battery  backup for 24 hours.


  • The Hub battery is a lithium rechargeable battery which needs to be charged. Batteries may not be exchanged for a new battery in Cox retail stores or our warehouse. A technician will be dispatched to the customer's home to replace the battery. It is important that the replacement battery is professionally setup.

IMPORTANT: It is important that the senior contacts 911 for emergency services in the event a power loss extends beyond 24 hours.

 You can have a maximum of 4 emergency contacts.

 Yes, the caregiver may elect to pay for the service on behalf of the user as long as the user is a new Cox customer and lives in the Oklahoma City service area.

The Voice Enabled Device is a voice activated emergency response device, which can be triggered by:


  • Using the call phrase "Call 911, Call 911"

  • Pressing the Emergency Call button

  • Pulling the activation cord

Yes. The Automatic Fall Detection Pendant is water proof, and can be worn in the bath or shower.

See product user guide (Spanish version).

Available only in Cox Oklahoma service areas. $34.99/mo includes professional care services only. Base Kit includes one pendant and Hub for $50 and includes professional setup and training. Voice Enabled Device is an optional add-on for $59.99. Applicable taxes, fees and surcharges are add’l. Cox Homelife Care is subject to the terms and conditions of its Subscriber Agreement. Homelife Care app is free (msg & data rates may apply) and subject to its Terms of Use. Homelife Care service may be discontinued at any time. Prices and offers are subject to change. Other restrictions or conditions may apply. Cox Homelife CareSM is a trademark of Cox Communications, Inc. All rights reserved. © 2019 Cox Communications, Inc. Cox Homelife Service provided by Cox Advanced Services Oklahoma, LLC–License #2002.